From Abu Dhabi to Rural Andalusia

We were recently invited to be interviewed by Gil and Gene — a lovely couple from Brooklyn, New York, who are dreaming of their future retirement away from the city. To prepare for the big step, they’ve decided to find out more about places where people retire by hosting a podcast. Each week, they interview people who have relocated to another country or state in search of a better lifestyle. I’ve listened to several episodes of the Retire There podcast, and each episode is as unique as their invited guests. Each episode is a journey where you get to hear an honest, first-hand account of moving to some of the world’s most desirable and exotic destinations, like Thailand, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, Hawaii, Florida, Indonesia, Colombia, and many other places. In this episode of Retire There, they chat to Robert and me about our experience of moving from Abu Dhabi to rural Andalusia.

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Abu Dhabi, February 2010

Imagine this, you are living in Abu Dhabi but desire more of a rural life. You have never been to Spain and you don’t know Spanish, would you purchase an old house, without a roof, in a rural spot in Andalusia, Spain? That’s exactly what Sabina Ostrowska and Robert Ryan did. It took a year and half to renovate the house, which included the addition of two guest suites that they rent out under the name “Cortijo Berruguilla.” Although the couple is very busy with their airbnb and running an English language school, they love their life amongst the olive groves in rural southern Spain. Find out more about living in the Spanish countryside, on Episode 62 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

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Andalusia, August 2014

The Crinkle Crankle Wall: Our First Year in Andalusia is available in all Amazon stores as e-book and paperback, and soon to appear in bookstores near you:

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